Shot blasting and painting

Shot blasting and painting - 1
Shot blasting and painting - 2

Restoring Beauty and Durability: Shot Blasting and Painting of Structures

Einag Tower Crane Refurbishment and Painting: Comprehensive Solutions

At Einag, we're not just about cranes. We're also equipped to perform sandblasting and painting on all types of structures! Here are a couple of truck trailers we've recently sandblasted and painted.

About Us

EINAG, S.L. is a leader in the purchase, sale, and repair of construction machinery in Spain, with over 20 years of experience. We specialize in tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, facade hoists, and concrete mixers. We export our machinery to countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Georgia, Venezuela, Mexico, and Uruguay. Our facilities include a assembly workshop, painting and shot blasting tunnels, spare parts warehouse, electrical workshop, and a large machinery park of 8000 m2.

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